OWN Academy 自由學園
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OWN Academy is an alternative education solution operating under two exciting initiatives: OWN Now and OWN Future.

Together the initiatives are re-engineering the traditional system of education so as to include a focus on life skills, connected learning and career life planning. This evolution of conservative teaching styles recognises the individual as the most important catalyst to realising their own unique talent and true potential whilst empowering them to take OWNership of their own learning and future success. Curated exploration and inclusive experiences accelerate our youth towards a journey of self-discovery in order for them to appreciate how we are all smart in our OWN way and then employ that ‘smart’ to their advantage in a life and career context that they have chosen.

Our campaign for a new innovative education system gains inspiration from Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Theory and credibility from its partnerships with high quality leaders, such as the Finnish Chamber of Education, and on and offline educational providers.